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MP3DJ 4.0 Free Dj Software, Music mixing software for party. Atomatic mix music

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MP3DJ Software 4.0 - FREE DJ Software to Play mixed songs from a computer

Just drag and drop mp3 music files from the explorer window into the MP3DJ Playlist and hit play button to start.

MP3DJ Free DJ Software allows you to play mixed music in a playlist. MP3DJ plays songs and mix them together in the most simple way.

Very easy to use music mixing DJ software for party.

When in a party is good not to have silence between songs when they are played so it keeps the atmosphere, with chill out music, dance, rock, country or any other genres.

MP3DJ Free DJ Software, do music mixing in a playlist, overlaping one song over the other. Avoid silence when jump from one songs to the next mixing music. music mixing time, and mix type can be adjusted at once for the entire mp3 playlist.
Cut the begining and end of each song to avoid silence between them.

There are two options to cut the first and last seconds of each played song

Loop mode will leave the playlist playing continously in a loop. Shuffle mode will jump from one song to the other in a random order. Calculate Total function displays the Length of the PlayList in minutes and seconds, and also the song count for the current PlayList.

Transition Time Is the time that the transition will take to happend.

Music Mixing Types are:

Mix Type CrossFade

Will gradually decrease the level of the current playing song to silence, and at the same time starts the next song in the playlist, increasing the level of it. Making them to overlap with an effect like crossing within each other.

Mix Type UpDown

Will first start and increase level of the next song in the playlist , from silence to the actual master level. After that will gradually decrease the level of the current playing song to silence . This audio effect looks like that the current song goes out only after the new one is full in.

Mix Type DownUp

Decrease the level of the current playing song to silence first. And after that starts with the next song in the playlist increasing the level of it. In this case the songs are not overlaped eache other because the first song ends before the next one starts. So using this option a silence will allways be in beetween the songs.

Mix Type Direct Mix

Mix the songs with no level adjusts both songs plays at master level volume. For the time indicated in Transition Time variable.

Mix Type Cut

This transition type cuts directly the current song with the next one without any audio effect.

Real time music related internet browser integrated into the player

Browse internet while listen to music and find best offers related to your favorite artists. An internet window will display related information on real time about the song that you are actually listening. Music CDs and DVDs, concert tickets, news, videos, images and music related searches. Are avaible with one click, the music information window is allways updated and refresh with every new song.


MP3DJ 4.0 Music Mixing - Free DJ Software Screen Shot

MP3DJ Free DJ Software Screen Shot

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